PCMAV 1.6 + Update Build 6

Download here - 2,0 MB

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Ansav v.2 Beta

Download here - 0,5 MB

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Fake Webcam v4.0.5

Broadcast pre-recorded videos on instant messengers while chatting
Fake Webcam - it will broadcast just one movie to all the messengers at once.
Stream/play videos and movies on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Paltalk, ICQ, Camfrog, and on all messengers instead of actual Webcam. It stream videos and movies on your messenger just like an actual webcam.
You don't need to have a webcam for webcamming. Enjoy pretending someone you want to be. Your chat mate will never figure out that it's not a real webcam.
Here are some key features of "Fake Webcam":
- Play pre-recorded videos without even having a physical webcam

Download here - 5,0 MB

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Caricature Studio Green Screen 3.6

Caricature Studio Green, version 3.6 is the only Windows application designed specifically to quickly and easily create caricature art, comics and novelty photos. Just like amusement parks and fair vendors....right on your desktop! Use a variety of built-in tools and filters to warp, twist and stylize your photos to create hilarious caricature effects.

Just like caricature artists at your favorite amusement park, now you can quickly create hilarious cartoon caricature portraits from photos of your friends, family....even celebrities! With Caricature Studio you can open any photo and instantly morph anyone into a caricature. You can add funny clip art images such as hats, talk bubbles, text boxes to your caricature....add text anywhere on the caricature. Use your creations for custom posters, greeting cards, web graphics, the possibilities are endless. We'll even show you how to create caricature gifts such as coffee mugs and T-shirts. Looking for a memorable gift? Create a personable caricature that they'll absolutely love!

Download here - 6,3 MB

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SpinRite 6.0

SpinRite now brings its legendary data recovery and drive maintenance magic to the latest file systems, operating systems, and hard drives. It runs MUCH faster than ever before, can help maintain all of your drives in tip top shape, can warn of impending disaster, and wrestle data from dying and nearly dead drives . . . before it’s too late.
This industry-standard data recovery tool is operating system independent, so it can be applied by users of Windows XP, 2000, Linux, and all other Intel/AMD PC-platform hard drives and file systems.
SpinRite v6.0 achieves complete operating system independence by incorporating the FreeDOS operating system. This allows it to be used on any and all Intel/AMD PC systems. As you can see from the Windows screen image above, SpinRite 6.0 can create a bootable diskette or generate a standard, CD-R burnable ISO file to create a “SpinRite boot CD”. A bootable SpinRite can also be “installed” into any other motherboard bootable devices, such as USB flashdrives for easy, portable booting and use.

Download here - 5,7 MB

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NTI CD&DVD Maker 7 Platinum

In NTI CD & DVD-Maker 7 Platinum, you will find features that enhance your CD & DVD burning experience. With its suite of robust multimedia and back up features, NTI CD&DVD-Maker™ 7 Platinum brings you the ultimate CD and DVD-burning software for the next generation of CD and DVD writers.
The Complete Burning Solution
NTI CD & DVD-Maker™ 7 - Platinum is a feature-rich CD/DVD burning application with NTI's decade-long legacy of delivering quality, reliability, and excellence to multimedia enthusiasts.

* Create slideshows and videos with an authentic cinematic look.
* Share your photos and videos on CD and DVD! Create photo slideshows complete with audio - perfect for sharing with friends and family.
* Compress your DVD movies to fit on a single-layer disc.
* Encode MP3 and WMA music tracks to archive your music collections and burn customized audio CDs.
* Record live audio to CD on the fly - perfect for recording business meetings or creating a digital archive of your classic LPs and cassettes. Download Artist and Title information in seconds using freedb. It's that simple!
* Copy and create virtually any type of CD or DVD disc.
* Archive your data files onto CDs and DVDs, and let our Disc Spanning feature help you organize your files onto multiple discs automatically!
* Back up your hard drive files with Platium's built in back up feature to safeguard your valuable data.
* Safeguard & Organize - all of your files with one CD and DVD burning solution. Whether you're creating a video library, organizing digital photos, enhancing your music collection, or archiving data files, NTI CD & DVD-Maker™ 7 Platinum makes burning your own CDs and DVDs fun and easy

Get the most out of your writer's potential. CD & DVD Maker 7 Platinum will maximize your CD and DVD burning experience. Supports Microsoft Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista

Advanced Features

* Cinematic Video and Cinematic Slideshow - Give your home videos and photo slideshows a professional look with our cinematic features. NTI CD& DVD Maker 7 Platinum will intelligently edit together the best parts of your videos & pictures, and automatically add transitions & effects and even synchronize with your background music. Choose from several exciting styles to give your video or photo slideshow a polished look!*
* Auto Disc Spanning - Organize, copy, and archive your data onto multiple CD and DVD discs automatically. NTI CD&DVD Maker 7 Titanium Suite will write your files onto multiple discs in their native format.
* NTI Backup Now!™ - offers robust file-level back up. Schedule file level back up jobs to safeguard your valuable music, video, photo, and data files.
* NTI DVD Fit™ - Compress dual-layer movies down to single-layer size, remove unwanted features, and burn discs without having to split a movie onto two discs.
* NTI FileCD™ - simplify the way you burn to disc. With NTI FileCD you can drag and drop your files directly to a CD or DVD drive letter on your computer just like you would to a hard drive.
* Photo Disc™ - The Photo Disc feature allows you to save JPEG photos on a CD to take advantage of newer DVD players that can play the Photo Disc as a picture slideshow.
* NTI Wave Editor™ - Make your audio files sound great by trimming, normalizing, and filtering out noise. Burn music onto CDs just the way you want it!
* NTI Music Cafe™ - Create your own customized playlist and enjoy your music collection,
* NTI JewelCase Maker™ Designing your own disc labels is as easy as 1-2-3! Select a background from the library of images, add text, and you're ready to start printing your own custom disc labels.

Download here - 36,5 MB

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Repair HDD Bad Sector Pro 2008

Program has 2 levels:

Drive level testing
- main function is testing and repair (regenerates) bad sectors for detected devices
- you get many information about detected devices

File level testing
- read/find/check items (MBR, boot, directories, etc.) of file system FAT12/16/32
- check/remove (regenerates) bad sectors records, flags in FAT table

* fully implemented commands: SET MAX, SET SECURITY, Device Configuration Overlay
* device access with interrupt 13h, direct via ATA ports, with ASPI drivers
* detects ATA/ATAPI/SATA/SATA with NCQ devices with on-board and add-on controller cards
* detects USB devices via USB ASPI driver only
* detects SCSI hard drives via INT13h or ASPI drivers
* other SCSI devices are detected via ASPI drivers only (must be loaded before)
* with ASPI drivers you got more informations about SCSI devices
* test and repair device for bad sectors
* many different test-functions for hard drives
* resize hard drives which supports SET MAX ADDRESS/EXT (supports 28/48-bits LBA addressing modes)
* drive lock detection via security feature (Security Menu)
* S.M.A.R.T. functions for ATA/SATA and SCSI/USB drives only
* informations about devices (ATA/ATAPI, INT13h, ASPI)
* sector viewer for devices (also for ZIP, CD-data discs)
* to access ATA/SATA CD-ROM drive you don't need any driver or MSCDEX
* enable/disable some features for direct-access devices
* Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) feature set (you can restore a full capacity or allow/disallow some feature sets of hard drive)

Download here - 5,6 MB

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Bad CD Repair 4.0 Portable

Repair Your Bad CDs.

Download here - 1,0 MB

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Picture Merge Genius v2.7.2

Picture Merge Genius is a simple and easy-to-use program for merging your photos, images and pictures. The software can combine multiple pictures into one in different ways, In the new picture you can also set the size and position of the source files.

Picture Merge Genius is useful for computer painters, ebay seller, photographer, designers and family entertainment.

Picture Merge Genius support more than 40 picture file format(JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, WMF, FAX, PSD, PDD, PSP, CUT and PCD etc.).

Download here - 1,4 MB

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Error Repair Pro 3.8.5

Error Repair Pro 3.8.5 (+KEY)

Download here - 6,9 MB

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AV Voice Changer Diamond v6.0.10

Change your voice in real-time to any voice you like; add effects, use it for voice-over, chat, phone, game, anonymity, parody, recording, song remix, voice messaging, greeting, loyalty test..
The highest edition of AV VOICE CHANGER SOFTWARE series, Voice Changer Software Diamond can, among other features,alter and create different voices to make voice-over and voice dubbing for audio/video clips, presentations, narrations, voice messages, voice mails, E-greeting cards, etc.
This Diamond edition also presents a faster voice morphing algorithm, pro-looking interface mand numerous nickvoices. NEW BACKGROUND EFFECTS in version 6.0.10 as well as packages of parody voices that help users talk in the voices of many Hollywood stars and other famous people.
Voice Changer Software Diamond works well with many common VoIP programs such as Net2Phone, SkypeOut, Vonage, etc., and many Instant Messenger programs such as Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, MSN Messenger, AOL, etc.

Key Features :
bullet Ready-to-use nickvoices
bullet Parody Maker
bullet Frequency Morpher
bullet Audio Stream Recorder
bullet Pitch and Timbre Morpher graph
bullet Equalizers
bullet Background Effects.

Download here - 11,2MB

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Full Speed 3.3

Dramatically speed up your existing Internet broadband connection and get the best performance possible from your current Internet access. Free Internet speed test software included. Full Speed will increase your online Internet speed with everything you do: faster downloads, web browsing, data streaming, e-mail, P2P and gaming.

Download here - 7,8 MB

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PCMAV 1.6 + Update Build 5

Download here - 2,0 MB

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OJOsoft Total Video Converter v2.2.0.0822

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is software program for converting video formats at fast speed and best video quality. It can convert video file between almost all video formats such as converting AVI to MPEG, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG, MKV to AVI, MKV to MP4, etc. OJOsoft Total Video Converter can be used like iPhone video converter, 3GP video converter, PSP video converter, iPod video converter, and Zune video converter to convert all popular video formats to your mobile phone, Sony PSP, video iPod, Apple iPhone, Zune video player and other portable video players. Additionally, it provides an easy way to convert video file to popular audio file, like MP3, WMA, AC3, M4A, AAC etc.
OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista with all latest updates installed

Download here - 7,7 MB

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Portable PDF Password Remover 3.0

PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have “owner” password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields. Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) without any restrictions
— i.e. with edit/copy/print functions enabled. All versions of Adobe Acrobat (including 7.x, which features 128-bit encryption) are supported.
The standard security provided by PDF consists of two different methods and two different passwords, ‘user password’ and ‘owner password’. A PDF doFP.infoent may be protected by password for opening (’user’ password) and the doFP.infoent may also specify operations that should be restricted even when the doFP.infoent is decrypted: printing; copying text and graphics out of the doFP.infoent; modifying the doFP.infoent; and adding or modifying text notes and AcroForm fields (using ‘owner’ password).
PDF Password Remover features:
* Easy to use;
* Support drag and drop PDF files;
***** Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat software****
* Support Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista systems;
* Support both 32bit and 64bit systems;
* Remove the security settings from your encrypted PDF file is instant;
* Support command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts);
* Support PDF1.7 format (formerly only supported by Acrobat 8.0 application);
* Support PDF1.7 (Acrobat 8.x) files, including 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption, AES decryption, compressed files and unencrypted metadata;
* Batch operation on many files from command line;
* Support Adobe Standard 40-bit Encryption, Adobe Advanced 128-bit Encryption and AES Encryption;
* Decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, removing restrictions on printing, editing, copying;

Download here - 1,0 MB

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Pos Free Photo Editor 1.05

Pos Free Photo Editor is a free photo editor from the authors of Photo Pos Pro photo editor.
The software is simple and very user friendly photo editor, that lets you easily view, and
enhance your photos. The photo editor supports the major graphic formats and is very intuitive
to work with without any "headaches" - It was especially designed for novices as for the short learning curve.
The software also includes advanced but very easy to use multiple image printing tool, that
allows you to easily print multiple images on a single page or paper in various ways and effects.
It also helps you saving on expensive paper.

Download here - 13,6 MB

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Free YouTube Downloader Converter 1.0

Are you eager to download videos you like from YouTube to local disc? Now it´s even easier! Free YouTube Downloader Converter allows you to download videos from YouTube. You also can convert YouTube videos to AVI, 3GP, MP4, MOV, WMV and other formats. With Free YouTube Downloader Converter downloading + converting one-step solution, you can easily download YouTube FLV videos and convert them to play on your iPod, PSP, iPhone, mobile phone, etc.

Download here - 4,2 MB

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