Invisible Browsing 6.7

Invisible Browsing will hide, change or mask your IP address, letting you surf anonymously preventing your IP or other information to be collected without your permission. Invisible Browsing allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers. All proxies are tested in advanced providing a high speed anonymous Internet connection. Proxies followed by the tag “supports POST” allow dynamic internet browsing and posting messages on various forums, message boards or vote in polls.
Invisible Browsing is an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Solution erasing automatically and in real time, all your online tracks.

Download here - 7,41 MB

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Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.8.32.0

100% working on Windows Update, Microsoft Download Center and Microsoft Update .

A tribute to ETH1, creator of base version crack.

Download here - 0,8 MB

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See Password 2.05

When a password appears on screen as a series of asterisks or dots, you simply view it through SeePassword's magnifying glass to reveal the actual password text. SeePassword has no problems with passwords stored by Internet Explorer -- all the sites will yield their secrets. SeePassword provides users with an easily applied retrieval tool for forgotten passwords.

Use it in different way. if someone saved there password in your computer or any public computer then use this portable program to see there password especially your girlfriend.......

Operational on any Winblows platform

Included in release:
Setup package

Download here - 3,7 MB

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PCMAV 1.8 + Update Build 1

Download here - 1,9 MB

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3D Photo Builder Professional 2.3

3D Photo Builder is extremely easy and quick way of processing pictures into 360/Partial 3D Panorama. This software chooses the right edges of first and the next picture finding the common points of the overlap and after that the process of stitching begins. Such process continues till all the pictures will be stitched.

A wide range of features of 3D Photo Builder enables you not only to create 360/Partial 3D Panorama but also to send as email or publishing to web. With 3D Photo Builder you can pan, zoom and export!

You dont have to have special programming knowledge! You can use any camera you are able just to use your luxuriant imagination.

3D Photo Builder is equipped with the simple graphics editor - SmallShop. It helps you to edit series both one-by-one and the whole series at once. Among other SmallShop can resize images, change color balance, filter images.

3D Photo Builder Panorama Stitcher is of high quality, fast and absolutely automatical, manual mode is also allowed.

3D Photo Builder 3D Images Composer helps you to fill background of rotating objects with any color or graphics.

No doubt that one of the main advantages is the developed system of export images with the wide range of formats. There is a simple Scanner Wizard in the 3D Photo Builder Professional 2.0.

Rich set of processing tools
* Advanced 3D Panorama stitching
* Professional 3D Image composing
* Built-in full-functional graphics editor

Advanced intellectual algorithms set
* Unique stitching algorithm
* High quality blending algorithm
* Batch stitching mode
* Background online data exchange
* Support of full 360 and partial panoramas
* Autodetect of shooting conditions
* Chroma key background removal

Convenient adjustable interface
* Hierarchical Explorer-Style tree
* Drag-and-drop technology support
* Specialized clipboard
* Built-in Recycle Bin
* Progressive storage format.
* Complete and convenient help system
* Effective built-in viewing tools
* Built-In troubleshoot system
* Variety of 3D Object types

Ready to WEB export results
* Built-in WEB page editor
* Web-browser preview
* High-speed 3D ImageViewer applet
* High-speed 3D PanoViewer applet
* Multiplatform optimized format

Extended multiformat import-export system
* Extended import formats set
* Direct importing from a scanner or digital camera
* Direct importing from a TWAIN source
* Direct FTP publishing
* Direct EMail publishing
* Export to ZIP archive
* Export to A3D screensaver format
* Export to Flash, QTVR, AVI, EXE and much more!
* Publishing history support

3D Photo Builder Professional are Windows-based 32-bit applications.

Compatible with:
* Windows 98
* Windows ME
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows Vista

Download here - 23,3 MB

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Windows Vienna Transformation pack

For Windows XP

Download here - 14,5 MB

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RbVdesktop v1.2

RbVdesktop v1.2 (rel. October 18, 2008) is a new desktop alternative for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. RbVdesktop is an improvement of classical desktop Windows. Replace standard icons with unusual animated RbV_icons. Add animated desktop elements for Windows - applications (such as WMP, IE, my computer and other). RbVdesktop supports themes, which allow you to change its appearance. All themes have carefully picked up color balance, it is created a beautiful and harmonious appearance of a desktop.
The Wallpapers is customizable so U can choose Your personal favorite Wallpapers for any of the theme provided.

Screen resolution needs to be 1280x1024 or less.
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Download here - 5,5 MB

Password RAR : http://dotnxt.com

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Download Here - 1,8 MB

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Active Webcam 10.1

Active WebCam surveillance software performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras. You can watch your cameras remotely using any Internet browser. Produces MPEG-4 video stream.

Active WebCam captures images up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB, analog cameras, TV-boards, camcorders, and from network IP cameras.

-- The program performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras.
-- Broadcast live audio and video
-- Monitor Your Home or Office While You're Away
-- Adjust Captured Images
-- Record and playback simultaneously

Download here - 11,1 MB

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PCMAV 1.7 Update Build 4

Download here - 2,0 MB

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Dead Disk Doctor v1.26

Dead Disk Doctor allows copying files from scratched or damaged CD, DVD disks, unreadable Floppy and Hard Drives or other media. It replaces lost data with random bytes reading files by expandable blocks.
Routine reads file by 4-16kb blocks and when hardware involves errors, the size of block decrease two times and so on until the moment when block of data will be read without any errors, or it reach minimum read size block, depending on file system, then program fills one block with random data and starts to read second one. After successfully reading data, block size increase two times again and again to reach maximum size.

Download here - 3,0 MB

Password RAR : www.waz-warez.org

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PCMAV 1.7 Update Build 3 + Engine Clamav 0.94

PCMAV 1.7 Update Build 3 Download Here

Engine Clamav 0.94 Download Here (not integrated main.cvd and daily.cvd, to download follow this link http://clamav.net/)

Extract all in one folder, like this picture :

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