AVS Video Editor v3.1.1.93

AVS Video Editor helps you create Hollywood-like home videos with little prior computer video experience.

Direct Transfer to iPod, PSP, Mobiles, Other Portables
Create, edit video and upload your video to wide range of mobile devices - portable players, including Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Archos, Creative Zen Vision, mobile phones capable of video playback, portable DVD players and more!

Download here - 50,3 MB

Supports Virtually ALL Video Formats
You can edit video input files of practically all formats and save them to AVI (DivX, XviD, etc.), MP4 (inc. Sony PSP and Apple iPod), WMV, 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime (MOV), DVD, VOB, VRO, MPEG 1,2,4, MPG, DAT, VCD, SVCD, MJPEG, Real Video (RM, RMVB). Video editing software for almost all video formats.

Burn Movie DVDs
Edit video and burn your video collections onto a CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, Double/Dual Layer using flexible and convenient menu options and individual menu styles. DVD, VCD and SVCD formats are supported.

Capture and Edit Video from External Devices
Capture from HDV/DV, micro DV and analog camcorders (VHS, TV, Hi8, 8mm), VCRs, TV tuners and WEB cams and edit video using AVS Video Editor. Start making your movies from the first run. Video editing is easy!

Edit Video and Enhance Your Movies
40 different effects and 284 various transitions and styles which AVS Video Editor offers to help you edit video, will make video editing creative and add a strong air of individuality to your videos.

Create Slide Shows
The best way to organize and present your photos is to create a digital slide show. Apply transitions, insert audio tracks, burn it to a DVD!

Make Perfect Audio for Your Video Editing Tasks
Insert one or more audio tracks in your media file, mix audio clips, trim and edit audio tracks, apply effects and filters together with video editing.

Scene Detection
Automatic scene detection algorithm allows you to navigate and edit video files faster and achieve accuracy when deleting or combining scenes, making video editing much easier.

Convenient Video Editing Tools and Interface
AVS Video Editor introduces advanced timeline and story-board video editing.
You will be surprised by how convenient and user-friendly the interface is.

Install the app, overwrite with supplied ExE and double-click licence.reg.

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Classroom Spy Professional v2.6.1

Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista

It is hard to teach a group of people how to use a PC, or even how to use a specific program on a PC or the internet.

Yes, PC or web training isn't easy. For someone who's doing something right, there are probably two others doing it wrong, playing games, checking email, shopping...

Classroom Spy lets you see what everyone's doing - without leaving your desk. You can monitor the activity of all the PCs in your classroom remotely. Plus, you can share your screen with your students' PCs, making demos and presentations much easier.

Download here - 8,1 MB

What is it useful for?
* For monitoring and recording your students activities on a remote computers
* For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them when they are in trouble (by using the remote control feature).
* For administrating all computers just from one location – your computer.
* For presenting your screen to students.
* For locking students computers while they are waiting for further instructions or assignments.
* Helping your students by showing your desktop to them.
* Turning off, restarting, .... remote computers with one click.

What are the major benefits of using Classroom Spy Professional?
* Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.
* You have complete control over what remote users are doing.
* Unlike other similar applications, this application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations) does not use a high bandwidth, but even when the lower network bandwidth is required the refresh interval can be enlarged using one mouse click.
* You can make the presentation by showing your live screen to students
* Application allows you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
* The remote computers´ screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
* Using this application, you can always see which user is actually logged on to the remote computer.
* Schedule remote computers desktop recording
* Execute several actions on all remote computers with on click

Main Features:
* Displaying a live picture of a remote computer.
* You can take control of a remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
* More remote screens can be displayed in a table.
* Computers can be organized in computer groups (e.g. classrooms)
* A remote screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
* The name of the connected user is displayed.
* Record remote computers screens.
* Show your desktop to students
* Power off, restart, hibernate, suspend remote computers
* Log off desktop users
* Lock workstation
* Control screensaver
* You can lock selected remote computers
* You can display a message on selected remote computers.
* When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
* Automatic connection to a remote computer is optional.
* Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
* Connection to a remote computer is password protected.
* Access to monitoring the console is password protected. If more users use the same computer, different profiles and access passwords can be set.
* More monitoring consoles can be connected to the same remote computer - you can monitor your students from different locations.
* Agent can run as an NT service (for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista).
* Agent can run as a process (Windows 98, Me).
* Application can optionally use encrypted communication.
* Agent can be remotely installed.
* Supports fast users switching.
* Login page and UAC prompt is accessible under Windows Vista.

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Device Lock 6.0.592

DeviceLock controls access for users and groups to the floppy disk, CD / DVD-drive, removable storage, PDAs, hard drives, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and input-output port USB, FireWire, COM, LPT, IrDA. IrDA. Performed by monitoring devices and input / output ports, depending on the time and day of the week. For removable media drives, hard drives, CD / DVD-drives, PDAs, and tape drives are an opportunity to establish the type of access ?read only?. The program provides an opportunity to monitor, audit and shadow copying for PDAs running Windows Mobile.

Download here - 15,4 MB

Protects disks and removable media from accidental or intentional formatting. The program allows administrators to create a list of access devices for each user personally. Allows you to identify the device on the model and serial number. Defines the CD / DVD-ROM, based on data recorded on it and allow its use, even if if the CD / DVD-drive is blocked.

The program provides temporary access to devices with no network connection. Allows you to record users? actions with the devices and files, change settings DeviceLock, start time and stop the program. For each user or group retains an exact copy of data and files that are stored in the SQL-database on the server. The program detects and blocks the work of USB and PS/2-keylogerov. With the help of remote access administrator for all possible functions of the program. To manage DeviceLock in networks that do not use Active Directory, an additional console with its own interface - DeviceLock Enterprise Manager.

With DeviceLock, you can:
To control the access of users or groups of devices (floppies, CD / DVD-drives, removable drives, hard drives, PDAs, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) and input-output port (USB, FireWire, COM, LPT, IrDA).
Ask permission for a variety of objects (files, contacts, etc.) transferred to / from PDAs running OS Windows Mobile.
Appoint ad hoc ?policy encryption for removable media, encrypted using the product PGP Whole Disk Encryption, and flash drives Lexar SAFE PSD, support hardware encryption.
To control the access of users and groups of devices and input-output port, depending on the time and day of the week.
For removable media drives, hard drives and CD / DVD-drive to install the type of access read-only.
To protect disks and removable media from accidental or intentional formatting.
For each user or group, ask your list of devices to which access is always allowed. The devices can be identified by model and unique serial number.
Identify a specific CD / DVD-ROM, based on data recorded on it and allow its use, even if the CD / DVD-drive is blocked. For each user or group, you can set your list of speakers.
Provide temporary access to devices with no network connection to the agent. The Administrator reported the user to a special short alphanumeric code on the phone that temporarily unlock access only to the desired device.
Record all actions connected with the devices and files (copying, reading, deleting, etc.). You can also record changes in the settings DeviceLock, start time and stop the agent.
For each user or group to maintain an accurate copy of the data copied to the external device and transmitted via serial and parallel ports (Shadow Copy). Exact copies of all files and data stored in SQL-database on the server.
To ensure the necessary level of protection even if the users on the network have administrative privileges on the local computer. When DeviceLock protection is turned on, no one, except for authorized administrators can not connect to the agent, stop or delete it. Even members of the local Administrators group (if they are not included in the list of authorized administrators) can not circumvent the protection.
Through a system of remote access to all possible functions of the program with the job of administrator. DeviceLock Management Console is a snap (snap-in) for Microsoft Management Console, with a standard interface, intuitive to any administrator of Windows. In addition, to manage DeviceLock in networks that do not use Active Directory, an additional console with its own interface - DeviceLock Enterprise Manager.
Driving through a group policy in Windows Active Directory domain by means of the standard equipment Group Policy, which is included in Windows 2000 and later operating systems. Full integration into the Windows Group Policy, DeviceLock allows you to automatically install on new computers connected to the corporate network, and to adjust to new computers in an automatic mode.
Select computers directly from the Directory Services LDAP (such as Novell eDirectory, Open LDAP, etc.).
Centrally storing audit logs and shadow copy. For the centralized collection and storage of data, Shadow Copy and audit logs is an additional component - DeviceLock Enterprise Server. You can install multiple instances of DeviceLock Enterprise Server in your network so as to evenly distribute the load. DeviceLock Enterprise Server uses a SQL-server for data storage.
Create reports on settings and devices (USB, FireWire and PCMCIA), users who use their local computers.

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